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For over 100 years, radiation scientists trained at our Center for Radiological Research have become national and international leaders in the field. Scientists trained at the CRR have:

  • Optimized the best and safest use of CT scans in medicine
  • Improved radiation therapy for cancer
  • Provided the data towards balancing the risks and the benefits of nuclear power
  • Optimized the nation’s response to a large-scale radiological accident or terrorist event

These and a multitude of other topics in our everyday use of radiation require a level of research and scientific expertise that the US is rapidly losing. Apart from the human health issues, these topics have major economic consequences.

This was very apparent after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident, where there was clearly a lack of radiation expertise in the US to provide the government with the informed advice that it needed for optimal science-based decisions in response to the accident.

To meet this national need, the CRR needs to enhance further its Training and Education program. We have therefore set up a CRR Training and Education Fund. The fund will support training programs at two key levels:

  • At the Graduate Student level – training for a doctorate (PhD) in radiation sciences
  • At the Post-Doctoral level, to allow scientists early in their career to train in the fields of radiation biology or radiation physics.

We are delighted to have initial support for the CRR Training and Education Fund from our CRR Advisory Committee, and also through a grant from the NRC.

We ask for your support here to make sure that we grow our Training and Education Fund to allow us to train a new generation of talented and committed young radiation scientists.

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