Offline Imaging

Our off-line microscope and imagine capabilities not attached to an irradiation endstation are many and varied. We highlight some examples here.

Fluorescent Imaging

RARAF has several inverted and upright microscopes that have fluorescent imaging capabilities compatible with those available on the microbeam end stations. Fluorescent imaging also includes the ability to perform several analysis techniques highlighted by mFISH (multicolor fluorescent in situ hybridization) and mBAND (multicolor chromosome banding).

Bright Field Techniques

Many of the microscopes also have the capabilities to perform brightfield microscopy techniques, including but not limited to: simple bright field transmission illumination, Hoffman modulation, Nomarski phase contrast, and oblique illumination.

RARAF staff are constantly developing and enhancing our imaging capabilities. We encourage anyone considering an experiment at RARAF to contact us to begin a dialogue about what techniques you would be interested in using or having RARAF develop for use.