Center for Radiological Research Centennial Celebration Colloquium and Reception

The CRR spent April 28th and 29th of 2016 celebrating its centennial birthday!  We would like to thank EVERYONE who was able to attend and made the event everything we had hoped for.

Below we have gathered some of the highlights of the symposium with more to come!  So please check back as we gather and post more from this wonderful celebration!

(Colloquium Program)

Selected Images from the Colloquium! (April 28th and 29th, 2016)

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Selected Presentations from Day 1! (Click on Links to View)

Dr. Eileen Connolly: Toward Individualized Optimization of Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

Dr. David Carlson: Why is Stereotactic Radiotherapy so Successful?

Dr. Jerome Puskin: Epidemiological Studies of Domestic Exposure to Radon.

Dr. Robert Ullrich: Space Radiation and Cancer Risks

Dr. David Brenner: Estimating Risks from CT Scans in the Context of CT Scan Benefits

Dr. Hedvig Hricak: Radiomics in Oncology the Next Frontier in Clinical Decision Making

Dr. Kimberly Applegate: Image Gently - The Paradigm Shift

Selected Presentations from Day 2! (Click on Links to View)

Dr. Silvia Formenti: Convergence of Radiation and Immunogenic Signaling Pathways

Dr. Nelson Chao: RITN Overview

Selected Images from the Reception (Including our firedrill)

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